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New version for 2012 ebook reading devices. Available online for first time since first edition 1992.

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1  The Beginning of YOU
2  The YOUNG You
4  The MATURE You
5  The NEW You

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      Acting = Unnatural
    Good Acting = Imitation
        Great Acting = Acting Naturally

Live Zen to ACT ZEN™

No Emotion Memories

Now that you've forgiven everyone -- you need not condone them.

Forgiving and accepting is different from forgetting.

We're just removing the EMOTIONAL parts of our memories and then reinserting the memory without pain.

Your memories are best stored like scenes you saw on a TV show.

You can remember a murder on a TV show and have no fear, resentment, or anger stored with the memory.

Do the same with your life memories.

Strip your memories of their emotions.

Buddhism teaches us that emotions have no intelligence, they are instinctive reactions.

Just as we must control our desire to eat or urinate, we must control our passions and fears.

If you're complaining in your mind, "IT'S TOO HARD TO CONTROL MY EMOTIONS," you should reconsider your acting career.

Each acting role requires a different emotional personality that you must program and imitate. This may require you to get so excited or sad that chemicals will be released accidentally as if it were really happening to you. This must be shut off or acting can be unhealthy. Or, if you really want the performance, with emotions, be able to act through the scene just short of 'really crying' and save those tears for the closeup or final take.

I am not opposed to 'method acting' where you pull out that resentment for Santa who didn't get you a bicycle... but you need to have those emotions cataloged for easy access so you can relive them without apprehension or getting stuck in them.

If you can't imitate yourself WITHOUT EMOTIONS -- you are not a very good actor.


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Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang  
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