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New version for 2012 ebook reading devices. Available online for first time since first edition 1992.

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1  The Beginning of YOU
2  The YOUNG You
4  The MATURE You
5  The NEW You

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      Acting = Unnatural
    Good Acting = Imitation
        Great Acting = Acting Naturally

Live Zen to ACT ZEN™

Acting Arsenal

In 1984 I was having a lot of trouble completing the fiction book, SID'S PLACE, because I was getting so distraught as I portrayed the villain in the story.

It made me uncomfortable to write about him and he seemed so powerful that I felt my life was haunted by this dark character who was too ominous for me to kill.

Then I dated a very talented TV Director (Directoress?).

I explained about my dilemma in finishing my book, Sid's Place.

She explained to me, "Every character in your story is like every character of a dream -- they are all you."

At first this really upset me. It was bad enough having this ominous evil monster in any reality, but to think of me being the monster was very upsetting.

But then, one day, shortly thereafter, that little light bulb illuminated above my head and I was finally able to SEE ME AS THE EVIL VILLAIN. Now I was able to complete the book and switch my mind from being the "Good" guy to being the "Bad" guy. (And I still liked myself in the morning).


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Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang  
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